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Precision Hardened and Ground Press Brake Tooling
Not just quick change-fewer changes!

See Why Wila is the World's Leader in Precision Press Brake Tooling!

  • Precision ground to .0004" (New Standard) and .0008" (American)
  • CNC deep hardened on the working surfaces
  • Hardened load bearing surfaces on punch and die holders
  • Quick-change, vertical mount punches utilizing patented 'Safety-Click' buttons
  • Push one electric button and your punches and dies are aligned and seated!
  • Standard punches up to 8" tall (NS) and 6" tall (AM)
  • Standard die heights of 2" and 4" (nice clearance for reverse bends)
  • Easy to handle segments (20" max) for one-man loading
  • Segmented punch sets come with right and left horns
  • Can add to your existing brake and only lose 1.6" of die space

American-Style (Shoulder Load)

New Standard Style
(20mm Head Load)

Segmented Set with Right and Left Horns