Updating My Account 

How do I update my address/account information?  
My Account: my profile- for contact details, shipping addresses, additional details, and billing address, to change password, etc.  

How do I create a personalized list(s)?  

My lists-create new list 

Customer Service Questions 

Who do I contact for specific product questions? 

Our technical experts can provide you with information about Product Selection, Application Assistance, Installation, Troubleshooting, Performance Data, Maintenance and General Technical Guidance.  Technical assistance is available online through Live Chat or by calling Customer Service at (800)-991-4225.   

To return or cancel a product, contact our Customer Service Representatives at (800) 991-4225.  They will help you choose an appropriate option or alternative.   


Yes, for quick service, please contact our Customer Service Representatives at (800) 991-4225.  They cahelp you narrow down your request to help you choose the best tool for the job. 


What if I am trying to search for something and cannot find it, but I know that you carry it. Can I ask someone or report the problem?    

Yes, please call our Customer Service Representatives at (800) 991-4225 or utilize our Live Chat feature on our website.  Some items may not be featured on the website due to uniqueness in order and use.   

Can I browse through sales flyers online? 

Yes, to browse through sale flyers, see our scrolling marquee on the home page of AHB.  All current promos and sales are featured to help you save time and money.     


Is registering necessary to browse the catalog?  

No, registering is not necessary to browse the catalogs.  We offer free up-to-date vendor catalogs under the “Catalog” tab.   


Can I place an order via Live Chat?  

 Yes, orders can be placed via Live Chat or over the phone, through our Customer Service Representatives at (800) 991-4225.   

Besides the website, what ordering methods does AHB Tooling & Machinery offer?  

AHB offers ordering methods via contacting our Customer Service Representatives, Live Chat, or through a local sales person.