About Us

AHB operates as a full-service industrial supplier focused on providing solutions to today’s manufacturing challenges including offering on-site service and repairs on virtually any machine. We create solutions that help manufacturers compete through our breadth of technical application assistance, our combination of consumables/equipment/repairs, and an agile, adaptable, how-not-can attitude.


AHB Tooling & Machinery aspires to be the distributor of choice for metalworking solutions by delivering value-added products, superior technical expertise, and exceptional customer service.



Arrange fact finding mission at your facility, or host at ours, to gather information to determine the ultimate objective of the customer.


AHB specialists, with a combined 1,000+ years of experience, will engage Leading Industry Partners to review scope and determine best practice recommendations to achieve your desired result.


Work with selected partner to provide demonstration on comparable application or perform a guaranteed trial to validate the proposed items and/or changes.


Upon approval, work with customer/partner to ensure the solution is completely implemented and the supply chain is secure.


Once implementation is complete, monitor the results, all while looking for further improvement opportunities.

AHB Tooling & Machinery is an industrial distributor servicing the manufacturing sector with value added products and services. We achieve our goals by continuously training employees to provide superior technical expertise and customer service, by providing value add products and services to our customers and by practicing continuous internal improvement. Achievement of these goals will allow us to assist our customers in achieving their goals, making AHB Tooling & Machinery their distributor of choice.

Employees will be provided with a safe, clean and well-equipped working environment and will be given the respect and caring attitude within the organization that they are expected to share externally with every AHB Tooling & Machinery customer and supplier partner.


AHB Tooling & Machinery, LLC has aggressive growth plans for the next five years. Gross sales are expected to grow double digits per year as we focus our sales efforts on Michigan and venture into other surrounding states. Both our outside technical specialists and our inside account managers are constantly undergoing rigorous technical training to help achieve the growth plans. AHB continues to update our capital infrastructure and technology to offer customers “ease of doing business with us”. We have become ISO registered and have been the recipient of many revenue based and employee-based awards.

AHB Tooling & Machinery has been a proud member of the Affiliated Distributor Program since 2017 and maintains ISO certification. AHB Tooling & Machinery has been featured on the cover of Industrial Supply for bringing creative solutions to the industry.